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Soil & Water Conservation District Supervisor – Group 1

1.  Do you think that Florida is facing a water crisis?  If so, what do you propose to do about it?

Yes.  Water is a valuable limited resource and we need to conserve and reduce water use.  I propose the District to re-focus and re-dedicate its education and advocacy goals and set measureable, yet attainable, deadlines for achievement. Supervisors shall be champions of the cause and lead by example.  Being a professional Landscape Architect, I personally embrace and adhere to the District’s ideals.

2.  Seminole County’s motto is “Florida’s Natural Choice.” What do you hope to do to protect and justify that motto?

Through awareness, education and advocacy my hope is to instill a sense of ownership and pride in our beautiful county for all residents.

3.  What are the two most important challenges facing this office and how do you propose to address each of them?

Communication and Funding.  Since the district is not supported by federal, state or local revenues, relying on fundraising and volunteer support puts the District in a challenging situation to fully communicate and administer the programs that advocate the need for soil and water conservation.

4.  What changes, if any, are needed in processes and procedures for the Soil & Water Board?

Commit to monthly scheduled board meetings and improve efficiency of meetings by providing Board members previous minutes and agendas via email.

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