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Ariel Gaussart

Soil & Water Conservation District Supervisor – Group 1

1.  Do you think that Florida is facing a water crisis? If so, what do you propose to do about it?
Yes. Because there is no alternative to clean water, it is crucial we seriously address the pressing issues of declining aquifer table, water quality degradation due to nutrient over-enrichment, and salinity intrusion into our natural springs. I would identify cost-effective solutions based on sound science, while developing efficient methods to replenish our depleting Floridian aquifer.

2.  Seminole County’s motto is Florida’s Natural Choice”. What do you hope to do to protect and justify that motto?

Seminole County has developed a Comprehensive Plan guided by the principles of Conservation, Countryside, Corridors, and Centers. Part of my efforts will be to blend aspects of this accepted framework with inputs from local organizations such as “Keep Seminole Beautiful”.

3.  What are the two most important challenges facing this office and how do you propose to address each of them?

The lack of financial budget undermines the Office’s outreach programs. Attracting private entity participation and developing new media communication tools can provide greater interaction with our younger community and regional organizations.

4.  What changes, if any, are needed in processes and procedures for the Soil & Water Board?

Refocusing our mission despite the current lack of funding by seeking greater partnership with regional stakeholders.

I believe that combining environmental awareness and promoting cost effective technologies, this Office can play a leading role in sustaining Seminole County’s economy without destabilizing its beautiful natural ecosystem.

Ariel Gassaurt Contact Details:


1237 Erik Court

Altamonte Springs, FL, 32714

Telephone: 407-480-1781